The Accession Finance $10K Challenge – Week 3

This week is a quick one. We were on the road for work the past 2 days and things have been a bit crazy in the office as all of the banks are back at work.

The last couple of weeks, the blogs were about great ways to save money that have no impact on your lifestyle. But this week, it’s about making a sacrifice.

Is there something that costs you $10 per week that you can give up? I can think of a few things that I buy routinely, that I don’t really need…

It could be a magazine, a bottle of wine, soft drink, a bunch of flowers, chocolate, coffee. It might be all of them! Right now, I’m not quite ready to give up the things in my trolley, so I’m giving up getting my nails done and settling for a DIY (unless it’s a special occassion)

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I am absolutely useless at doing my own nails, so i’ll probably have to resort to some You Tube clips and using a whole lot of clear polish. But I expect that this will save us about $520 per year. ($30 every 3 weeks for a shellac manicure)

Our challenge is coming along really nicely:

Week 1 – Insurance $190 saved

Week 2 – Gifts/Fun Memberships $388 saved

Week 3 – The $10 Sacrifice $520 saved

So far in 3 weeks we have made changes that will have saved us $1098 by the end of the year. We are already over 1/10th of the way to our goal of $10,000. I promise next week won’t be so painful!

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Have a great week everyone

Nat x

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