$10K Saving Challenge- Week 3

Week 3 Challenge: Review your subscriptions Subscriptions. I’m going to break this down into a few blogs, because subscriptions can be the sneaky killer of the household budget surplus. Today I want to go through some tips for saving on your streaming. Foxtel Netflix Stan Disney Plus Apple + Amazon Prime So many options! Here’s […]

Saving Challenge- Week 5

Week 5 Challenge: Review your bank statements This week I went through our bank accounts and reviewed all of our transactions for the last 3 months. I did this for 2 reasons I’ll loop back to the direct debits another week, but I found 2 payments that we decided to look more into. One was […]

Savings Challenge – Week 6

Let’s talk make up! Last week we were on holidays and as we were travelling through the airport, I realised that Mac had 50% off. I use the following products from Mac Lipstick: $30 Primer $52 Lip Pencil $30 Eye Shadow $40 Concealer $46 Total: $198 These are all things that I won’t use more […]

Savings Challenge – Week 7

Here are my favourite tips for saving at the supermarket! Unit pricing: Many items on the supermarket shelves contain a unit price- making it easy to compare the real difference in the price of items. It’s the best way to compare when you have items with different quantities. For example- toilet paper- some brands tried […]

$10K Saving Challenge- Week 2

Week 2 Challenge: Review your gas and electricity Let me rewind by 2ish years. I reviewed my gas and electricity and signed up with a new company. It was going to save us a few hundred a year to switch based on the comparison calculator, so I signed up to the cheapest company. Within 3 […]

$10K Saving Challenge- Week 4

Week 4 Challenge: Maximising an Investment Property We just purchased a new home (YAY!!) Which means that we needed to find tenants for what will now be our rental property. We went with a local agent that we trusted and they recommended a price that we list our home for. Here is what we did […]

$10K Saving Challenge- Week 1

7 Saving Challenges to start 2021 Here we are! 2021! The biggest lesson we learned during 2020 was that we could take nothing for granted. Not our freedom, our jobs, the ability to hug our families and see them when we needed them the most, or even toilet paper. For years I have been procrastinating […]