Loans Repayment Calculator

What Will My Repayments Be?

Not all loans are created equally. The repayments on your loan depend on

a) the value of your loan

b) the term of your loan (how long the loan is for- usually 25 or 30 years)

c) your interest rate

This loan repayment calculator will help you work out what your repayments will be based on that information. However, you may be eligible for a lower interest rate which could reduce your repayment. If you are over 55, some banks will approve you for a shorter term which could increase your repayments. Our expert team would love to assist you with a 10 minute call to review your current loans and see if there are options available to you that may be more suited to your circumstances. Book HERE.

Important note:

These calculators provide estimates only. Lenders consider a range of criteria when assessing applications and providing home loans.

Accession Finance will give you a better understanding of your position with a free consultation.

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