I once received a great insight from one of my managers. If you have equity in your own home from property prices increasing – it is a false perception of increased wealth, because any gain you make would no doubt also be reflected in other house prices that you look to purchase.  Or put simply, your house may have increased in value, but so have all of the other houses on the market.


This was the reason we decided to purchase our first investment property, but not without due consideration and assessment of our financial position. 



If you decide to invest in property, there are some things you need to seek independent advice on:

  • will the property be negatively or positively geared?

  • would an interest only loan or an interest and principle loan be better for your purposes?

  • what are the tax implications of the decision?


Accession Finance can discuss your loan options and present you with the options we feel would be best for your circumstances. If you are uncertain about the above considerations, we would also suggest that you seek advice. 


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