Saving Challenge- Week 5

Week 5 Challenge: Review your bank statements

This week I went through our bank accounts and reviewed all of our transactions for the last 3 months. I did this for 2 reasons

  1. To see what direct debits are coming out and review which ones can be cancelled and
  2. To check for any errors

I’ll loop back to the direct debits another week, but I found 2 payments that we decided to look more into.

One was a $35 bank fee. When we called the bank they said it was because we didn’t spend enough on our credit card due to a refund that was processed that month. We asked if they could waive the fee and they obliged.

One was in our business account. We had been charged $130 for a service that had been cancelled. We got that refunded too.

When you are charged any bank fee that you aren’t expecting, it is always worth asking the bank if they can waive that fee for you. We have in the past had amounts up to $395 refunded on a fee we didn’t believe was warranted so it can certainly be worth your time to try.

Also, I made a mistake last week- we actually didn’t get 50% off the letting fee, it was 50% off the RE-letting fee which we will benefit from the next time a lease is signed, so I’m not going to bank that saving for the challenge. I’ve amended last week’s tally.

Tally for this week: $165

Saving Tally:

Week 1: $420 + 210 = $630

Week 2: $1,080

Week 3: $ 140

Week 4: $3,185

Week 5: 165

Total= $5,200

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