Savings Challenge – Week 6

Let’s talk make up!

Last week we were on holidays and as we were travelling through the airport, I realised that Mac had 50% off. I use the following products from Mac

Lipstick: $30

Primer $52

Lip Pencil $30

Eye Shadow $40

Concealer $46

Total: $198

These are all things that I won’t use more of because i have purchased more, so I consider it a saving for when I need to replace them. I use L’Oreal foundation and I know that Chemist warehouse usually has 40-50% off so I never buy it unless it’s on sale. Mac I have never seen for 50% off before, but a quick Google led me to a store which had 40% off at the moment so it’s worth checking if you need anything. Make up is one thing you should never buy from the supermarket, because you usually pay a premium for the convenience.

Also, while we were away, my skin got really dry and was looking the worst it has ever looked. It was so dehydrated and awful. I went to the chemist and picked up some QV intensive for very dry skin and my skin has literally never looked better. I wish I had some before and after pics. At $8 for 100g I think I might continue to use it.

I have some great shopping tips coming up for you over the next few weeks, stay tuned!

Week 6 Saving:

$198 x 50% off = $99

Tally for this week: $99

Saving Tally:

Week 1: $420 + 210 = $630

Week 2: $1,080

Week 3: $ 140

Week 4: $3,185

Week 5: $165

Week 6: $ 99

Total= $5,299

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